Let Your Love Shine

“Deviant Fairy” cocktail

I first learned about Shine when I was still living in Sedona, AZ, about a year and a half ago. My friend and business associate, Pamela Becker, an uber-talented fine artist, graphic designer and publisher, who had been working with me on the visual concept for my upcoming cookbook, knew I was planning a road trip to Boulder with my close friend, Laura, for mid-July, and that we were seeking interesting things to do and visit while we were in the area. Pamela, who regularly visited friends in Boulder, very enthusiastically recommended this cool restaurant where they served elixirs and potions, and creatively and consciously prepared food.

Clockwise, from left:  the dining room at Shine, with giant wooden flower of life symbol suspended from the ceiling, hanging ball with angels and fairies, luminous copper light fixtures by the bar

Clockwise, from top left:  Shine’s magical Potions, the drink menu, and “Owl’s Fluff” cocktail

During our visit, Laura and I synchronistically stumbled upon Shine, Restaurant and Potion Bar, when we were walking near the Pearl Street Mall one afternoon. We were hungry, and in the mood for a drink, so it was the perfect opportunity to pop in for happy hour drinks and appetizers. We sat outside at a high-top table, thoroughly enjoying sipping on Shine’s vibrant cocktails made with their delicious house-made potions and exotic infusions, munching on tasty, healthy appetizers and watching the interesting passers-by. What we both noticed right away was that in addition to enjoying these treats, we actually felt energized and alert afterwards–kind of unusual after having a couple of cocktails.

“The Unburnt” cocktail with recyclable bamboo straw

Laura and I revisited Shine twice more in the four days we had in Boulder, once more for happy hour, and one time for lunch, and each visit reinforced our feeling that we were lucky to have found such a great place.

Sean Reape and Tyler Pelkey, bartenders

A few days ago, my friend, Melissa, told me that she really wanted to go to Shine for their delicious and interesting cocktails, and reminded me that they had changed locations since I had last been there a few months ago. I was eager to check out Shine’s new space, so she promptly picked me up and we excitedly headed there.


What we discovered was a beautiful, light, airy and inviting space, even more attractive than the original restaurant. We seated ourselves at the bar, which faced large, bright windows and a view of the Flatirons (Boulder’s iconic rock formations, which are the gateway to the Rockies) beyond the parking lot in front. Tyler, a lovely and attentive bartender, helped us select our first round, and soon we had a couple of uniquely alluring, hand-crafted libations in front of us.


Bartender Tyler Pelkey

Melissa chose the “Deviant Fairy,” a gorgeous pink cocktail, garnished with crushed, dried rose petals, and made with coconut vodka, lemon and Fairy Bubbles Shine Potion. Of course, like us, you are wondering what on earth Fairy Bubbles Shine Potion is. Well, for your information, it is a “mighty mix of love, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, honey and hibiscus.” But that’s not all; those fairy bubbles are also infused with essence of calla lily, rose quartz and the sound frequencies of wind in the trees and baby laughter (recorded from the happy babies of three of their employees) while they are being created. Wow.

My choice, “The Muse,” made with amaretto, rum, Aquafina, lemon and shaved almond, which, upon first appearance seemed to pale in comparison to my friend’s selection, proved to be super delicious, and very difficult to not down in just a few long sips. Melissa was extremely impressed, and since she is one of the most talented bartenders I have encountered, that is saying a lot.


Beet Hummus with Sprouted Quinoa Tabouleh, Flatbread and Flax Crackers, and “The Muse” cocktail

We ordered the beet hummus to munch on, which was garnished with a sprinkling of sprouted quinoa tabouleh, and accompanied by delicious house-made crispy flatbread (which we were compelled to order more of later) and flax crackers. Yummy and nutritious!

Our next round consisted of the “Owl’s Fluff,” made with rum, lemon, Aquafina, orange bitters, a grating of fresh nutmeg, and Owl Eyes Shine Potion (for energy and focus, with ginger root, yerba mate, etc., –and, of course, love), and “The Unburnt,” a mix of bourbon, Firewater Shine Potion, Strawberry-Balsamic Shrub (like a syrup), soda and black pepper smoke. Definitely not your typical bar offerings. Again, I noticed how good I felt after having two alcoholic drinks. Not the usual buzz, but a feeling which I can only describe as something more rarified.

Krista Kimmel and Tyler Pelkey, bartenders, with my friend, Melissa Polito

It turns out that Shine was created by triplet sisters, Jessica, Jill and Jennifer Emich, who are also known as “the blissful sisters.” These women are pedigreed in the culinary, hospitality, nutritional and educational fields, and together are a powerhouse team of knowledge, expertise and experience. They are committed to providing a very high quality of healthy ingredients (organic when possible), prepared creatively, mindfully and with love, meeting all dietary needs, for the most delicious and satisfying dining experience for their guests.  With menus offering a wide range of interesting and tasty Paleo, vegetarian and vegan options, there is something for everyone at Shine.  Mission accomplished.


Well, now I have a wonderful, new, favorite spot here in Boulder to frequent. I love the idea that I can actually feel more alive and happy after a restaurant outing–something I often seek but rarely encounter. I can’t wait to try more of their magical and transformative delights, and to share these fun and fabulous treats with all of my friends.

And that’s amrita’s table