Boxcar and Cured…A Recipe for Success


After several challenging first months here in Boulder, things are lightening up a bit, and life is beginning to soften, to be more fun, and to present me with unexpected possibilities.  It has a lot to do with the fact that I kicked my own butt to join numerous meet-up groups and attend a few events (much better odds for meeting people than lounging on my love seat with my cat and my longtime companion, Netflix).  Since I have now connected with a few new actual human friends, life feels so much more warm, welcoming and fun, and Boulder is starting to feel more like the home I remember it to be.

When my new sweet friend, Marisa Greengold (also my creative, energetic and talented social media manager–, suggested we meet for coffee at Boxcar to launch an afternoon of strolling along Pearl Street, the epicenter of Boulder, I was excited to try a new place which I had zoomed by several times but hadn’t yet stopped in to explore.  I never expected that it would also launch my destiny.

From the moment I stepped inside this culinary wonderland, I was transfixed—practically glued to the floor, as I attempted to take it all in.  The woman at the cash register to my right (Jules, as I found out later) observed my paralysis, and informed me that there are two businesses sharing the space:  Boxcar Coffee Roasters to the left, and Cured (offering gourmet packaged goods, cheese, charcuterie and sandwiches to order, and wine shop) on the right.  The charming historic exterior, the rustic exposed brick in the interior and the slightly industrial vibe, warmed with large paintings and leafy plants and trees, seduced me instantly.

After I ordered my cappuccino, Marisa joined me inside, and I reported to her how much I appreciated her suggesting this place.  It was not long before I had the urge to take photos of the endless selection of visual treats enticing me all around.


A few years ago, my friend Janine Miller in Sedona, AZ (where I used to live), who is the most gifted psychic I have ever encountered (, had given me a reading, which, among other things, catalyzed the writing/creating of my cookbook, Love On The Table, crafting ecstasy in the kitchen, which I will soon be publishing.  Much later, she texted to inform me that she had gotten a massive psychic download for me, which turned out to be a sweeping and colorfully detailed depiction of my life to come, specifically, how my work will express itself and unfold, and what it is meant to become.  As she began sharing all of this with me, it occurred to me that she was talking about me creating an online cooking magazine of sorts.  It felt perfectly right, and I starting seeing how I would really love traveling, having adventures, and encountering people, places and things, mostly food and wine related, and then reporting about them on my blog, recommending my favorites.  I saw also how these experiences would inspire me to prepare my own creations at home, and inform my cooking classes and future cookbooks.

It had occurred to me that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start exploring like this in Boulder, a town famous for being a foodie mecca, one of the best in the country.  Yet, for some reason, I wasn’t feeling inspired.  But that was about to change.


While sipping on my delicious cappuccino in this lovely environment, I suddenly realized that the time was NOW.  I needed to stop imagining my website “eventually morphing into an online cooking magazine,” as I had explained to many friends over the last year or so, which clearly placed this potentiality as something perpetually in the future, and therefore never actually happening.  At long last, my destiny was undeniably right in front of my face.


Marisa was kind to allow me some space to leave our conversation for moments at a time to take photos and connect with some of the staff at both establishments.  It was during and after these encounters when I was moved to tears, as I realized how much joy this brought me, and how everybody’s smiles showed that they were enjoying the attention and appreciation as well.  I could definitely see myself doing this type of thing more and more.  It was not only good for me to get exposure for my business and blog, etc., but it was great on a personal level as well, as I was meeting more great people this way.

Clockwise, from top left:  Sean making espresso at Boxcar; Jules, at Cured; baristas Joe, Sean, Emily and Joe at Boxcar; Marcus, behind the cheese counter at Cured; Amelia at the Cured register; Phillip at Cured
Ariana and wine distributor in the wine shop at Cured; Amelia at Cured

I returned the following day to get more photos of things I had missed.  And I took the opportunity to sample a couple of the delicious, expertly prepared baked goods at Boxcar and some of exquisite cheeses at Cured.  It definitely will become a place I will return to often, and when I do, I will know people there.


Hazelnut Orange Blossom Double-Baked Croissant and Cardamom Earl Grey Donut at Boxcar
Freshly made sandwich at Cured
My own inner compass, reflected externally…

And this was just our first stop of the day.  So we ventured on, falling into shops spontaneously, enjoying our conversations with the people we met.  While at Alex and Ani, we met two women working there, one of whom, Emily, was wearing killer cowboy boots, pictured below.

There was a deck of numerology cards on the counter there, and after admiring some of the jewelry, both Marisa and I calculated the numerological values of our birth names, and looked at the corresponding cards.  This is what I got:


If the shoe fits…

Our final stop of the day was at El Loro, where I found not only the thing I was looking for, a piece of rose quartz, but two lovely and inexpensive beaded bracelets.  While Marisa was looking for her own gemstones, I was enjoying the sweetness and warm hospitality of Mary, who had helped me make my bracelet selections.  Another reminder of how wonderful the local people of Boulder can be, if you just go slightly beneath the surface.

I now have a full heart of gratitude to the universe for bringing me this magical and pivotal day, and to Marisa Greengold, whose idea it was to go to Boxcar for coffee that afternoon.

So, readers, this is just the beginning of a great adventure for all of us!  Not only will I be posting my own original recipes on this blog, but I will be sharing all of my special discoveries with you as I encounter them.   I hope that you get much pleasure from learning about these gems.  And if I can inspire you to experience them for yourselves, that would truly be an honor.  Ultimately, I just want to share the love!!!  And that is what Love On The Table is all about.

I would like to give special credit to Ellen Sirena, of, whose powerful meditation/exercise of rewriting your life story helped me to clear the way for this magical day to happen.  I have been enjoying all of her wonderful guided meditations on youtube for the last few months.  They have helped me remain positive in a difficult time, and have connected me more deeply to my life’s purpose.  The life story exercise was sent to me by her because I signed up for her email list.  I definitely recommend doing this, since there are many free treasures that will show up in your inbox at the precise moment you need them.

And that’s amrita’s table!!!

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